Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bridget Brogues Again

J: That's funny, 'cause it rhymes with Jones.

M: Oh, it does! I totally didn't think of that when I said it.

J: Super professional over here, guys.

M: Whew. Okay. Blog. So... we had a most excellent surprise when we popped in the second of Miss Bridget's Diaries.

J: That we did! The second DVD came with - wait for it - an interactive quiz!

M: A quiz!

J: It took us a couple tries to get the answering process right, but by the second or third question, we had it down. What was the point of it again?

M: I believe it was the key to finding your perfect match.

J: That's right! We had to pick between Darcy and the other guy. Hugh Grant.
This is sort of creepy.
Kind of like our blog.

M: No wait, I got this... I got this... it's... wait for it... Daniel Cleaver.  What do I win?

J: Nothing, I'm afraid. I'm still confused as to why they didn't just name him Willoughby.

M: Too obvious.

J: But Darcy!

M: Charming.

J: Fine.

M: What was I calling him when I read the book? The other guy. Bingely? Bingely. Because I pictured him as more of a drinker. At least I read the book! [laughs]

J: I am pretty pleased that you finally read it. My mom, I believe, has yet to get through Pride & Prejudice, which, if you're new to the scene, is what Bridget Jones's Diary is loosely based on.

"No I love you more!"
M: Quite loosely. So how 'bout you catch us up a little bit on where we find ourselves on the second of Miss Jones's Diaries?

J: Will do! The second Bridget Jones's Diary...

M: Wait, Willoughby? Isn't it Wickham?

J: Shit. [attempts to correct previous typo]

M: No no! I want that TYPED.

J: [grimaces]

M: I want proof that the girl who read it most recently at least sort of understood it!

J: [types reluctantly]

M: Much better.

J: As I was saying, the second film follows Bridget through some bumpy parts of her relationship with her new beau, who happens to be pretty much perfect throughout, though Bridget doesn't know it at the time. Of course. I thought this movie was a bit sappier and less relatable than the first one.

M: Mmhmm. A little... much.

J: Agreed. It's been awhile since I've read the books, but I'm pretty sure this one departs from the original a bit more than the first film does. It seems like they tried a lot harder to make Bridget ridiculous, which for me, backfired.

M: [listening to A Land Down Under] Is this a live version?

J: Not that I know of...

M: It's not the original.

J: Damn.

M: Where do you find this stuff?

J: Spotify? Same place I found "The Wallflowers" who were not, in fact, the Wallflowers at all.

M: [laughs] Right. Where were we?

J: What was your impression of the second film as compared to the first?

M: Um...uh... um...

J: You don't know have to say anything.

M: [laughs] Can we watch some more Daniel Craig movies? No. No, no. We need to watch a Welsh movie, because they have been severely underrepresented in our blog. Random tangent.

J: A fair point, nonetheless. That will be our next challenge. At the present moment, though, we're still talking about Rene Zellweger.

M: Well, two things. I thought Daniel Cleaver, though much funnier in this film, was far less appealing. Secondly, when you said you couldn't remember anything that Rene Zellweger had been in previous to Bridget Jones's Diary. Two words: Jerry Maguire.

J: Shit.

M: A third thing! We have to admit that the photo we used in the previous blog entry was not in the first film, but was indeed from the sequel.

J: Something we honestly didn't realize until we reached the appropriate scene.

M: But at least we realized it! Women of our word.  Or something. Women of character.

J: Your authors, ladies and gentleman. It's true, the photo of Hugh Grant pointing over Rene's shoulder does not take place until the second film. WE'RE SORRY, OKAY.

M: [laughs] All caps. So Welsh movies! Like serious! For serious.

J: It'll happen, I promise. It's gonna be fine. We have to say something about brogues.

M: Brogues. Right. Uh...

J: FINE. There were brogues in this movie.

M: Can we talk about the Jon Stewart/Hugh Grant feud thing? 'Cause that's pretty cool. And timely. Maybe we can just link it. I dunno. I mean people can just Google that.

J: Google that, people. It's pretty entertaining. And short.

M: Yes. Anyways, where were we? Welsh people?

J: Usually.

M: [cackles]

J: So the second movie, not as good as the first.

M: Not as interesting as Welsh people.

J: Definitely not. See it if you love Bridget Jones, but don't bother if you don't.

M: Well said. Here, here.

J: Also, we learned from the quiz that my perfect match is neither Daniel Cleaver nor Mark Darcy. Apparently I'm above all that.

M: Yeah, that's good. That's good. Tasteful.

J: We'd better go. This post has been brought to you by Meredith's martini-making skills, aka martini night.

M: Don't get me started on the double-o diet.

J: Don't worry.

M: Tune in next time for, um, for greater recognition of the beautiful country of Wales and its people. Like little Joe Allen! And others. Until then...

J: Come caroling on Saturday!

M: Yeeeeaaaahhh!

J: Goodnight, folks.

M: Can we link the Joe Allen name, like a hyperlink? [falls to floor laughing]

J: Only for you.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bridget Jones' Brogue

J: I fully intend to be a large, British man when I grow up... you should probably say something about how that's in reference to a previous photo caption...

M: Done!

J: Good, good.

M: On that note...

J: I'm ready! Are you ready? I think I'm ready....

M: I just want you to type it. 'Cause typing's hard.

J: And here I am, folks! At the keyboard! Er, the keypad? WTF is this...

M: A... laptop?

J: That's it.

M: You know, I used to never know if it was a labtop or laptop. Do you set it on the lab table or your lap? It perplexed me for a very long time.

J: Honestly. I've never heard you admit to that. I'll have to feed you Jameson more often.

M: [laughs] I can't do the thinking and the typing!

Literally, this happened to me a lot. 
See that happy smile? Good times.
J: Never fear, drunk Jenna is here!

M: That needs a theme song.

J: Damn right it does. Also, I don't think I've ever sat on this side of the couch before.

M: It's pretty awesome. It's like the captain's chair. "Hello, Captain!"

J: Hello, folks! Here we are at Blog with a Brogue, trying to get our shit together.

M: That was a very long introduction, I have to say.

J: They're getting longer. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

M: Or a great thing.

J: This week/month/holiday season, we'll be talking about one of my favorites, Bridget Jones's Diary. We've watched the first (Meredith for the first time), and will later...

M: "Like a virgin..." I'm sorry, that just asked for it.

J: It did. I agree. Anyways, we will later be watching the second one, which Meredith has also not seen. We may manage to blog about that one tonight, or we may pass out on the floor. Remains to be seen.

M: Wow, we've had quite an intermission. Not that you know that, audience. We've eaten sandwiches... [laughs]
Our favourite reindeer jumper.

J: They were delicious!

M: So Jenna. Um. [laughs] I understand you've seen Miss Jones's Diary a few times now.

J: That is correct.

M: What keeps bringing you back to this delightful comedy?

J: Truthfully, it's a few things. First, I can't lie, I love a movie with British accents. It is, after all, why we're here. But beyond that, not far beyond that, there's Colin Firth, who, in the 90s, was quite the heartthrob. Finally, I can totally, 100% relate to Bridget Jones for many, many reason, and seeing someone validate all of my awkward on the big screen was just too good to pass up.

M: I do recall laughing out loud at the opening song and its uncanny resemblance to what I can only imagine you having done in your cozy Tennessee apartment. Regarding the British accents you mention, did you find it terribly disorienting that Miz Zellweger is not, in fact, British and yet played the title character?

"If you look just over the horizon, you can barely 
make out my last shred of self-respecting decency.
 Also, what remains of your career." 
J: Though I can't remember when I first saw the movie, I do have a sneaking suspicion that I had no idea she was American. I don't recall having seen her in anything before, and I do vividly remember being very shocked when she slimmed down to her "usual weight" for awards season. For me, Rene Zellweger started and will remain Bridget Jones. Now, of course, I'm embarrassed that I didn't hear her accent as false, but I'm older and wiser now.

M: In your defense, I did think it was "rather convincing" [in faux British accent].

J: Whew.

M: So, because we always do, how 'bout a brief plot run-down?

J: [rolls eyes] Fine. Because you haven't seen this.

Workplace flirtations. Never a good idea.
M: I mean, I hadn't...

J: Er, right. So this is basically a 90s play on Pride and Prejudice. Bridget Jones is a young professional working at an editing house. She's single, she smokes, and she'd like to lose some weight.

M: Although, to be fair, she looks completely normal and not even remotely overweight in the film.

J: Having read both the books, I vaguely recall this being a point of contention when the movie came out - they literally dropped the weights in the movie. In the book, she weighs more. Anyway, she falls in love with her boss...
I'll always remember you this way, Rene.

M: Always a good idea.

J: She gripes to her friends, goes on holiday, and in the end up with exactly who she deserves.

M: Well, given that we had QUITE the introduction, I think it's about time that we wrap this up. Any last thing you'd like to add for our faithful readers, Miss Collins?

J: Thank you for saying miss. The lady at Spangles didn't, and I'm very upset, still. About the movie, not really. It's really just an easy, fun movie and the books hold up well, even after you've seen it. Stay tuned for our opinion of the sequel!

M: I thought that said sequin at first. And scene.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


J: For a minute I pretended we had our own URL.

M: Hahaha nope. Somedaaaaay...

J: Weeeee're back with pizza, wine, Vampire Diaries feels, and lots of Collinses.

M: Feels!?

J: It's a thing! You don't approve?

M: No no no. You can "feels".

J: Well fine. I will.

M: Did this wine get stronger? Does wine get stronger?

J: Noooo... But what DOES get stronger...

M: [hopefully] Daniel Craig?

Possibly our favorite picture. So much damn class, and
one hell of a suit. The car's okay.
J: Yes! James Bond! Our favorite rendition to date. Note: We haven't actually seen all of the Bond films.

M: A very good point.

J: But of the ones we have seen...

M: This is by far the best.

J: Agreed. Meredith, what was your favorite - and least favorite - thing about Skyfall?

M: [chews pizza contemplatively] [or pensively] [whatever the word is] [thoughtfully] Well! I have to say that I love the Adele song, like a lot. I'm not really even a huge Adele fan, but the song is amazing.

J: You know, the first few times I heard the song on the radio, I wasn't a huge fan. It seemed sort of slow and out of place with the other "adult hits" that play on my radio.

M: Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

J: However! After seeing Skyfall, the song has risen in my esteem. It fits perfectly with the tone set by the movie and it's now a much-welcome break from the likes of Katy Perry and Phillip Phillips. Not that I listen to them. Much. I heard that Daniel Craig even teared up when he heard it.

M: Yes, yes he did. Or so I'm told. He said it really "fitted" the film. As for my second favorite thing about the movie, not to give too much away, but, the scene in Shanghai is AWESOME. And that's all I'll say.

J: Super trippy and really damn cool. My favorite setting was probably Scotland, but again, can't say too much because this movie is actually still in theaters.

M: You'll probably actually see this one...

J: So, least favorite? I know of one thing!!!

M: Is it giving away too much though?

J: Ah, yes. Well....

M: I doubt it'll change anyone's mind.

J: And if it does, they're not seeing the movie for the right reasons anyway. Go on...

M: How to put this eloquently... it seemed, uh, rather un-Bond-like to have such a great lack of sexy time. [laughs]

J: That it does!

M: But truly, that's really my only complaint.

J: Not enough naked Daniel Craig. The same could be said for the rest of my life. What did I say earlier? Something about a lack of guttural noises?

M: Yes! That was gold!

J: I rest my case. Tell me about your impression of the brogues.

M: Stellar, as always. Obviously as a dapper, bad-ass British man, Daniel Craig nails the James Bond brogue-ing.
The infamous M, looking dour as usual.

J: I always love Judy Dench's voice.

M: I was gonna say...

J: I think she has one of the most mesmerizing voices in Hollywood. Commands authority while maintaining her poise and majesty.

M: You might say she fits the role to a T... or an M! [laughs hysterically]

J: Ohhhhh my...

M: You're welcome.

J: But I haven't thanked you yet. Quite an excellent pun, though. What did you think about the new Q?

"No, I think it's crooked!"
"I think you're crooked."
M: I'm trying to remember an old Q...

J: Didn't Simon Pegg do it in the last one? And John Cleese in some awful Pierce Brosnan version? He's the funny tech guy.

M: I think at this juncture it's safe to say that I'm more of a Danny Craig fan than a James Bond fan. But in any case, I found the new Q to be quite adorable with all his hair and glasses and stuff.

J: He definitely had that going for him. He was part of my confusion regarding timelines, but I'll save that for a deeper discussion. One more thing before we go. Holy shit, Javier Bardem.

M: [laughs] Well said.

J: One of the most terrifying...

M: And hilarious!

J: Villains I have ever encountered in a movie. I wanted to trust him, but knew I couldn't. It was strange and compelling and I really like his blonde hair.

M: Rich and compelling!

J: You're a dirty pirate hooker.

M: I'm gonna punch you in the ovaries. And we digress!

J: Far too easily I'm afraid. In any case, a wholehearted recommendation from BWAB for Skyfall. Go forth and see this movie, friends. We're sorry about Paul.

M: It'll never happen again. It'll most certainly happen again.

J: Anything else to add? About Skyfall? Life? Wine?
Ahh, English rooftops at sunset...

M: Uhhhh...

J: I'll take that as a no! Have great night folks, we'll be here... for awhile...

M: What are we watching next?

J: I've no idea!


J: What the lady said.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Brogue Encounters of the British Kind...

M: Welcome back, readers!

J: We've been gone for so long.

M: It's a lovely day for blogging. And not being outside.

J: [Nods, sips coffee. Licks fork seductively]

M: Wasting no time today. Right in to it then, shall we? Today we'll be reviewing a less than spectacular film known as Paul. How about a plot run-down, Jenna?

J: Five words or less? [counts on fingers]. Nerds. Meet. Aliens. And. Girl. This...this is a bad idea. But really, not a whole lot happens. Simon Pegg and..

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost.
(aka Meredith & Jenna in 20 years)
M: ...the other guy?

J: The other guy. Poor guy. Anyway, they're travelling through the American Southwest and trying to hit all of the alien 'hot-spots.' They stumble upon Paul, a quintessential little-green-man, who's been in the U.S. since the 1940s and is just trying to get home. Along the way, they pick up a one-eyed, right-wing Kristin Wiig and attract the attention of Sigourney Weaver and Jason Bateman, who are relentlessly one-dimensional in their desire to capture Paul. That's literally all we saw. Because somebody fell asleep...

"I hate my life."
M: In my defense, I honestly thought I was still watching the movie...

J: With your eyes closed.

M: Like I said...

J: Truthfully, the movie was pretty dull, even with the incredible cast, which included Seth Rogen as the voice of Paul. Even Simon and...

M: We've really got to look up his name...Nick Frost.

J: Yes, Nick Frost...Even Simon and Nick's delightful Britishisms couldn't save this movie from


J: Yeah!

M: I think that about sums it up. Anything else to add for our faithful followers?

J: So far the soundtrack rocks!

M: Indeed. Thanks, Spotify.
Why am I not more entertaining?

J: Also, if you know the ending, just write it in the comments below.

M: We're almost curious enough to finish the movie...

J: But we'd rather not.

M: There you have it, folks. Stay tuned for our exclusive review of the much-anticipated SKYFALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Brogue Point

J: Can we call this Brogue Point?

M: [laughs] I think we just did!

J: The translation, for those of you who aren't fluent in drunken blog-speak, is Match Point! That one Woody Allen movie that you probably didn't see starring a hunky Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and the ever-sexy ScarJo. And friends.

M: I got nothin'.

J: Fair enough! So we're cheating a bit with this one, because we'd both seen it prior...

M: That seems appropriate...

J: [laughs] Anyway, we'd both seen it prior to this viewing. I remember liking the first time, though the group I was with fervently did not. Did you like it the first time you saw it?

M: I was on a tour bus in Morocco. As I recall, I and those around me...

J: [brownie timer goes off] Hold that thought!

M: Good, I need a moment. Holding...

J: Not even kind of done. Five more minutes! As you were saying?

M: Yes. Those of us on the bus who managed to watch the whole thing were nothing less than irate by the end of it.
Be sure to watch for these guys! They're hilarious!

J: [nods appreciatively] This seems like a love it or leave it type of movie. Or maybe hate it a lot. How was the second viewing?

M: Well, truth be told, this was not my second viewing. This was probably more like my fifth viewing.

J: You and Match Point, huh?

M: Um. You could say that. Upon additional viewings, I've found many, many appealing and redeeming qualities of this movie.

J: I know of one for sure!

M: Whatever do you mean?

J: Coward and bastard though he may play in the film, Mr. Rhys-Meyers is one sexy beast.

S: You guys are so cute!

J: Are you on beer the second?

M: All hail beer the second! Long live beer the second! Actually no, I'm not.

J: ...

M: It gets warm, it's no good.

J: Well. This escalated quickly.

S: [shouts from the bathroom] No Gangnam Style for Sarah in the blog!
Table tennis is really super difficult, guys.

J: Back to the matter at hand. Let's give our most loyal readers a quick run-down of the plot.

M: [super genuinely] Let's do! At the start of our fine film we meet recently-retired tennis pro Chris. He's a poor, earnest Irish boy come from nothing who moves to London and begins his epic social climbing endeavor with an unsuspecting filthy-rich English family.

J: Matters are complicated when he meets the fiancée of his friend Tom, ScarJo. She's American, buxom, blonde, and altogether...

M: I was gonna say falling apart...

Why don't they have "Hey girl" memes
with Matthew Goode?
J: She is that. She's also unabashedly flirtatious but adamant in her desire to maintain her distance. Until that one time.

M: But enough about ScarJo...

J: Sorry! I got a little side-tracked.

M: There's just so much beautiful man going on.

J: Including Tom, played by Matthew Goode. I've loved him ever since Chasing Liberty with Mandy Moore. Sexy adorable Brit. And in this movie, the most charming alcoholic I've ever "met".

M: He totally adds a much-needed lighter side to the film, and he's just stupid-cute.

J: So really us watching this movie doesn't have as much to do with the authenticity of the brogues as it should.

M: Oh, but the brogues are amazing! Frankly, Emily Mortimer... love her accent. It's perfect for the role. And half of the things Tom says I'm mostly convinced would not be nearly as entertaining to me without the awesome brogue.

J: I stand corrected! One of the most interesting parts about it for me was Chris' faux attempt to mask his Irish brogue.
Somehow, it just wasn't enough.

M: In the movie, there's maybe two places where you're like "Oh, he's maybe sort of Irish." The rest of the time he does that super posh British thing, because he's trying to infiltrate the ranks of super filthy rich-dom.

J: Man, this is one of our longest posts.

M: [laughs] How did that happen? In my defense, I have not swooned that much about Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, though I could.

J: I think we're just early on in the evening, if you catch my drift.

And they walked in fields of gold.
M: There's one more thing I must say. If I remember from the one film class I've taken in my life, I think one trademark Woody Allen move is the cohesive theme of his soundtracks. In this case, he picked opera, and it is outstanding. It works really well.

J: I forgot about that completely. It really does add an air of elevated class to a movie that's about little more than adultery and...

M: And other bad things. Foreshadowing, you know.

J: Can't say more, or else we'll give it away! Not like it came out half a decade ago or anything...

M: Details.
But why are you all screaming?

J: Bottom line, dark and twisty movie with seriously beautiful people and spot-on brogue.

M: Mmhmm. Well said.

J: Stay tuned for a film of a lighter sort!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tumblr Interludes

J: Oh behalf of ablindglass, I give you:

Why I was an English major
A) Accurate.
B) ThePocketWitch, I think you know where this. gif belongs.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Attack the Brogue

 "Look at this happy person with her awesome t-shirt!"
(This could've been you. Loser.)

L: Am I supposed to be part of the conversation?

M: Yes! You're our lucky winner. And BASS President.

L: Yesssss....

M: Bassssss.... Oh god you're typing all this! She always does this. I never notice. Now you know all the secrets behind B-WAB.

L: It's so fun to watch it live.

M: This drink is strong.

L: [whispers] She's still typing.

J: Meredith, as soon as you're done with your fancy new phone [dramatic sigh] why don't you tell us about Attack the Block?

M: I was texting my Mom! I gotta think for a second. [focuses] Well Attack the Block is another excellent film from the makers of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. It follows a troop of young boys.

J: Gang. It's a gang, Meredith.

M: Oh my god. I just got straw-ed. That's not going to make any sense.

J: Doesn't matter. Keep going.

M: Okay. A gang of young boys as they defend their south London neighborhood - potentially Brixton - from an invasion.

The gang. No, literally. 
J: [pauses]

M: That's all I've got.

J: It's a surprisingly serious story (alliteration!) of racial and socioeconomic tension, coupled with a most dramatic version of an alien attack in London. When I first sat down to watch Attack the Block, Meredith warned me that the beginning would be a bit hard to get through.

M: First five minutes, a little rough. Misleading. But maybe that's the point. Am I even speaking in full sentences? [laughs] Anyways... it is chock full of metaphor and symbolism and deeper meaning while still remaining accessible and very entertaining.

I did not think this man could ever look any more awkward.
Boy, was I wrong.
J: That's a damn accurate description. I was overwhelmed by how difficult this movie was to watch at times. You grow really attached to the characters - who are, at times, remarkably difficult to understand!

M: Yes! The lingo - whatever you want to call it - is outstanding! You really must see it for yourself.

J: Agreed! The brogue is incredible and authentic and wonderfully varied for a movie that takes place of the span of exactly one night.

Aliens. Trust. Believe.
M: And the soundtrack, likewise.

J: All in all a movie quite different from both Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, but one I would wholeheartedly recommend.

M: And minus Simon Pegg. But all the same, it's truly worthwhile.

J: Definitely.

M: It's kind of warm in here. I'm also wearing wool socks. I was wearing clogs earlier, but they slide off your feet sometimes, and it's hard to walk. Dammit Jenna!

L: That's why I'm being as quiet as possible.
Fantastic shot of the group. Happy anniversary, BWAB!

M: [laughs]

L: [laughs]

J: [cackles]

M: We are friends! We are laughing!


We have another BWAB anniversary participant! No comment on relation. It's definitely not nepotism.

The party continues.
M2: I've been at Ernst for awhile...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


"On the first try, I'm so proud of us!"
J: Well folks, we can't believe it either, but tomorrow is the official one-year anniversary of Blog With A Brogue, or B-WAB, as we like to call it. Meredith, how do we plan to celebrate?

M: Well Jenna I'm glad you asked! In honor of the big 0-1, we'll be blogging live as we did at the very beginning from the lovely Bourgeois Pig. But wait, there's more!

J: Yes, there is! We successfully designed and had printed actual, real-live t-shirts and ONE OF THEM COULD BE YOURS! All you have to do is be the first one to show up tomorrow to our Blog-iversary party at the Pig and come say hello. We won't be hard to spot.

M: 'Cause you probably know us.

J: Let's be honest.

M: I would be really weirded out if some total stranger showed up. [laughs] Not that they shouldn't! [coughs] I'm glad you read the blog...

J: Leave a comment once in awhile why don't you!

M: Seriously.

J: In any case, the shirts are freaking awesome and were made with love and only a short conversation about satanic orgies (thanks, Acme!). We'll also be blogging about Attack the Block, which we just finished watching (timing is not really our thing).

M: "Look at this happy person with their awesome t-shirt!"

J: Is what we'll say to the winner of the aforementioned blog contest!

M: Spoiler alert! That will literally be the caption. This occasion deserves quality.

J: Damn right it does. That being said, we're calling it a night. See you tomorrow! Probably... maybe...

M: Yeah, maybe...


J: We'll be at the Pig around 8:30! Seriously, don't show up early! We'd be so sad!

M: Or if you do show up early, have a drink! Or two...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bites of Brogue

M:  Welcome back to Blog With a Brogue's double feature hump-day edition.

J: I have something to say.

M: By all means. Go ahead.

J: Literally, the only reason why I wanted to watch this next movie was because of David Tennant. I didn't care if his part lasted minutes. All I knew was that my beloved Dr. Who was in it, and I had to see it. That being said, I was terribly impressed.

M: As was I. 

Shut up you're beautiful.
J: I didn't know it was a remake, which may have helped honestly, having something older and original to go on. But everyone played their parts beautifully.

M: Yes, I tried not to flinch when they politely informed me at Liberty Hall that they "only had the remake."

J: The kid from Charlie Barker was funny. And TONI COLLETTE! I yelled that, both times I watched it, and I didn't know it. 

M: "Oh my god, you did!"

J: I'd just like to point out that it took us two times to watch this movie. The first ended in drunken debauchery and a memorable shout-out to the pizza delivery boy. ("You night!") The second, far more successful, was hosted by B.A.S.S. member Liz Stuewe. She's really great. 

M: As was the movie itself. Why don't you give us a brief run down of the ol' plot.

J: Ye olde plot:  Charlie and Toni live in Las Vegas in a very suburban community. Colin Farrell moves in next door and it becomes apparent rather quickly that he is, in fact, a vampire. 

M: Dun dun dunnnnn....

McWho? McLovin! Vampire hunter. Look for it next fall.
J: With the help of an occult magician, aka Mr. Tennant plus eyeliner, Charlie proceeds to battle the vampires who have invaded his small community and save as many people as he can along the way. I was genuinely frightened at times. And David Tennant was brilliant. Obviously. In fact, he was the only one with a brogue, which gets this movie in on a technicality. Colin Farrell does have a brogue, but he hid it, and not very well in my opinion. 

M: And McLovin's in it. And he will apparently always be known as McLovin. 

J: He's part of an awesome subplot about nerdom versus conformity, which I appreciated wholeheartedly. 

M: Anything else you'd like to add?

J: Not kid-friendly. Rated R for a reason. But worth a watch all the same. It's available at Liberty Hall.
They totally didn't have it. Also, I'm wearing
fake hair right now. And copious eyeliner.

M:  They do not have the original. (Or at least, they did not at the time of rental.)

Pirate Radio, à la Brogue

M: Ahh... when's our anniversary again?

J: October 11!

M: Excellent.

J: That's right folks, our illustrious beginning will be marked with a wee celebration less than a month from today. We'll have many more details about possible merch and maybe even a giveaway. In the meantime, we'll continue to entertain you as only we can. With nonsensical posts about movies you'll never see.

M: And blog posts you'll never read. Comments you'll never leave... [trails off sadly]

J: Our movie tonight, Pirate Radio! To set the mood (because the wine hasn't kicked in) we're listening to the two-disc soundtrack on Spotify (sorry, Matt). Meredith...

M: Yes?

J: How do you feel about this movie?

M: If it weren't so very interesting and entertaining I would feel further saddened and cheated for having been born far too late.

J: I have to say, much of the music featured in this movie was familiar, though not well-known to me.

M: Said the girl who did not watch Full House.

J: [frowns]

M: Sorry. [laughs] No offense.

We're sorry about this. Just wanted to share the awkward. 
You're welcome.
J: No comment. Let's get back to the topic at hand. I really enjoyed listening to the music in its intended context, even if was through a movie.

M: [begins waving arms overhead in time to the music]

J: Ahem. So what seems like very popular music today actually had to fight to be heard. Can you tell us a bit about that as seen through the movie?

M: Yes I can! To be perfectly honest, I had no idea such was the case that... [pauses] [takes a sip] Let me just scratch that. I'm going to take it again from another angle [gestures wildly]. Are you typing all that?

J: [nods]

M: I'd heard talk of musicians from across the pond marveling at American radio and the music that wass so freely played over here while they toured the States. Before hearing about this movie, I had no idea that the state of popular music in England was so aggressively controlled, by people like Mr. Twat. His boss is played by Kenneth Branagh, who is fabulous. And almost unrecognizable, I thought.
The kid. That girl. Lady friend. Sort of.

J: Side note - actual name in the movie. Can't make this stuff up. Glad I don't have to. And yes, Mr. Branagh was excellent comic relief, which is not one of his usual roles. How about a brief synopsis?

M: Whew. Um. At the start of the film...

J: [sets glass down]

M: ...we meet a young man whose name I can't remember. He is sent by his mother to live with his uncle aboard the Pirate Radio ship. The ship, as we've hinted at previously, supplied the amazing pop music of the time to the people of England. The poor saps were otherwise denied the groovy tunes by the uptight powers-that-be.

J: And there were shenanigans aplenty, yes?

M: Indeed!

J: The cast of characters worked brilliantly together.

M: But the true star... I think... was the music. Is that hokey enough? But really it's true.

J: It's perfect. Would you like to comment on the brogues?

M: Oddly enough, I found myself most attached to Philip Seymour Hoffman as the only American representative on the ship. But! [points] I loved all of their various radio voices.

J: Ooh, good point! [no pun intended]

Mr. Hoffman, doin' his thang.
M: It made me long for the times when, I can only assume, radio DJs actually mattered.

J: I was also impressed by the respect they garnered in the general populace.

M: [waves arms again]

J: Seeing as how we've double-blogging tonight, I'm thinking we should wrap it up.

M: That's what she said.

J: I sure as hell hope so. Stay safe out there kids, and until next time... [looks pointedly at Meredith]

M: [stutters awkwardly] Look both ways before crossing the street. Seriously. Is that it?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brogues in Black

M: So, the Woman in Black... How was she?

J: She's terrifying! Ed Hardy -- is that his name?

M: As in the guy that's in the movie?

J: No, as in the guy that's in Anchorman! I can't believe you missed that...

M: Well, maybe if you'd said Ed Harkin...

J: I got the initials right. But really, as for the movie, I jumped a lot. It was pretty scary.

M: Indeed. What did you think of Mr. Harry Potter's foray into non-Potter-ness?

Honestly, nothing more
 frightening than creepy children.
J: I'd heard not-so-good things, so I admit my expectations were low. However, I really was pleasantly surprised. Not a trace of Harry emerged. He was thoroughly believable as a grieving father, and I have no complaints about his acting skills. Quite the contrary....

M: Brilliant. Though a professed scary-movie hater, I was quite taken with this fim. How would you say it compares to others of its genre? (That's the wine talking...)

J: I'm a recent convert to the scary-movie church, and this one was brilliant, in my opinion. Very little gore, but a lot of suspense, and a significant psychological element, which for me is scarier than any fake blood I've ever seen. Very classic in its execution and very satisfying in its conclusion.
I'm here, Daniel!

M: Ow-oww! I need some more wine...

J: You know, it really was a pretty simple movie.

M:  That it was. It made great use of its scenery...

J: Its monochromatic palate...

M: Yes!

J:  The Woman In Black,  it was nearly black and white.

M: Quite true.
And I'm there. Just kidding! It's her! Watch out!

J: And the brogues were the least of our worries.

M: Yes, how did you find the brogues?

J: They were satisfying!

M: Can I saw "ow-oww" again? Too much? Too much.

J: It's Daniel Radcliffe, so, never.

This guy was in the movie too. The end.
M: Ok, anything else you care to add to our post here, Jenna Ann?

J: Only that if you're enjoying an evening at home alone, this is an excellent way to--

M: Scare the pee out of yourself?

J: Ha! I was gonna say, "Pass the time!" So, I'd recommend it. Let's leave it at that.

M: And so we did....