Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bridget Jones' Brogue

J: I fully intend to be a large, British man when I grow up... you should probably say something about how that's in reference to a previous photo caption...

M: Done!

J: Good, good.

M: On that note...

J: I'm ready! Are you ready? I think I'm ready....

M: I just want you to type it. 'Cause typing's hard.

J: And here I am, folks! At the keyboard! Er, the keypad? WTF is this...

M: A... laptop?

J: That's it.

M: You know, I used to never know if it was a labtop or laptop. Do you set it on the lab table or your lap? It perplexed me for a very long time.

J: Honestly. I've never heard you admit to that. I'll have to feed you Jameson more often.

M: [laughs] I can't do the thinking and the typing!

Literally, this happened to me a lot. 
See that happy smile? Good times.
J: Never fear, drunk Jenna is here!

M: That needs a theme song.

J: Damn right it does. Also, I don't think I've ever sat on this side of the couch before.

M: It's pretty awesome. It's like the captain's chair. "Hello, Captain!"

J: Hello, folks! Here we are at Blog with a Brogue, trying to get our shit together.

M: That was a very long introduction, I have to say.

J: They're getting longer. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

M: Or a great thing.

J: This week/month/holiday season, we'll be talking about one of my favorites, Bridget Jones's Diary. We've watched the first (Meredith for the first time), and will later...

M: "Like a virgin..." I'm sorry, that just asked for it.

J: It did. I agree. Anyways, we will later be watching the second one, which Meredith has also not seen. We may manage to blog about that one tonight, or we may pass out on the floor. Remains to be seen.

M: Wow, we've had quite an intermission. Not that you know that, audience. We've eaten sandwiches... [laughs]
Our favourite reindeer jumper.

J: They were delicious!

M: So Jenna. Um. [laughs] I understand you've seen Miss Jones's Diary a few times now.

J: That is correct.

M: What keeps bringing you back to this delightful comedy?

J: Truthfully, it's a few things. First, I can't lie, I love a movie with British accents. It is, after all, why we're here. But beyond that, not far beyond that, there's Colin Firth, who, in the 90s, was quite the heartthrob. Finally, I can totally, 100% relate to Bridget Jones for many, many reason, and seeing someone validate all of my awkward on the big screen was just too good to pass up.

M: I do recall laughing out loud at the opening song and its uncanny resemblance to what I can only imagine you having done in your cozy Tennessee apartment. Regarding the British accents you mention, did you find it terribly disorienting that Miz Zellweger is not, in fact, British and yet played the title character?

"If you look just over the horizon, you can barely 
make out my last shred of self-respecting decency.
 Also, what remains of your career." 
J: Though I can't remember when I first saw the movie, I do have a sneaking suspicion that I had no idea she was American. I don't recall having seen her in anything before, and I do vividly remember being very shocked when she slimmed down to her "usual weight" for awards season. For me, Rene Zellweger started and will remain Bridget Jones. Now, of course, I'm embarrassed that I didn't hear her accent as false, but I'm older and wiser now.

M: In your defense, I did think it was "rather convincing" [in faux British accent].

J: Whew.

M: So, because we always do, how 'bout a brief plot run-down?

J: [rolls eyes] Fine. Because you haven't seen this.

Workplace flirtations. Never a good idea.
M: I mean, I hadn't...

J: Er, right. So this is basically a 90s play on Pride and Prejudice. Bridget Jones is a young professional working at an editing house. She's single, she smokes, and she'd like to lose some weight.

M: Although, to be fair, she looks completely normal and not even remotely overweight in the film.

J: Having read both the books, I vaguely recall this being a point of contention when the movie came out - they literally dropped the weights in the movie. In the book, she weighs more. Anyway, she falls in love with her boss...
I'll always remember you this way, Rene.

M: Always a good idea.

J: She gripes to her friends, goes on holiday, and in the end up with exactly who she deserves.

M: Well, given that we had QUITE the introduction, I think it's about time that we wrap this up. Any last thing you'd like to add for our faithful readers, Miss Collins?

J: Thank you for saying miss. The lady at Spangles didn't, and I'm very upset, still. About the movie, not really. It's really just an easy, fun movie and the books hold up well, even after you've seen it. Stay tuned for our opinion of the sequel!

M: I thought that said sequin at first. And scene.

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