Thursday, November 29, 2012


J: For a minute I pretended we had our own URL.

M: Hahaha nope. Somedaaaaay...

J: Weeeee're back with pizza, wine, Vampire Diaries feels, and lots of Collinses.

M: Feels!?

J: It's a thing! You don't approve?

M: No no no. You can "feels".

J: Well fine. I will.

M: Did this wine get stronger? Does wine get stronger?

J: Noooo... But what DOES get stronger...

M: [hopefully] Daniel Craig?

Possibly our favorite picture. So much damn class, and
one hell of a suit. The car's okay.
J: Yes! James Bond! Our favorite rendition to date. Note: We haven't actually seen all of the Bond films.

M: A very good point.

J: But of the ones we have seen...

M: This is by far the best.

J: Agreed. Meredith, what was your favorite - and least favorite - thing about Skyfall?

M: [chews pizza contemplatively] [or pensively] [whatever the word is] [thoughtfully] Well! I have to say that I love the Adele song, like a lot. I'm not really even a huge Adele fan, but the song is amazing.

J: You know, the first few times I heard the song on the radio, I wasn't a huge fan. It seemed sort of slow and out of place with the other "adult hits" that play on my radio.

M: Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

J: However! After seeing Skyfall, the song has risen in my esteem. It fits perfectly with the tone set by the movie and it's now a much-welcome break from the likes of Katy Perry and Phillip Phillips. Not that I listen to them. Much. I heard that Daniel Craig even teared up when he heard it.

M: Yes, yes he did. Or so I'm told. He said it really "fitted" the film. As for my second favorite thing about the movie, not to give too much away, but, the scene in Shanghai is AWESOME. And that's all I'll say.

J: Super trippy and really damn cool. My favorite setting was probably Scotland, but again, can't say too much because this movie is actually still in theaters.

M: You'll probably actually see this one...

J: So, least favorite? I know of one thing!!!

M: Is it giving away too much though?

J: Ah, yes. Well....

M: I doubt it'll change anyone's mind.

J: And if it does, they're not seeing the movie for the right reasons anyway. Go on...

M: How to put this eloquently... it seemed, uh, rather un-Bond-like to have such a great lack of sexy time. [laughs]

J: That it does!

M: But truly, that's really my only complaint.

J: Not enough naked Daniel Craig. The same could be said for the rest of my life. What did I say earlier? Something about a lack of guttural noises?

M: Yes! That was gold!

J: I rest my case. Tell me about your impression of the brogues.

M: Stellar, as always. Obviously as a dapper, bad-ass British man, Daniel Craig nails the James Bond brogue-ing.
The infamous M, looking dour as usual.

J: I always love Judy Dench's voice.

M: I was gonna say...

J: I think she has one of the most mesmerizing voices in Hollywood. Commands authority while maintaining her poise and majesty.

M: You might say she fits the role to a T... or an M! [laughs hysterically]

J: Ohhhhh my...

M: You're welcome.

J: But I haven't thanked you yet. Quite an excellent pun, though. What did you think about the new Q?

"No, I think it's crooked!"
"I think you're crooked."
M: I'm trying to remember an old Q...

J: Didn't Simon Pegg do it in the last one? And John Cleese in some awful Pierce Brosnan version? He's the funny tech guy.

M: I think at this juncture it's safe to say that I'm more of a Danny Craig fan than a James Bond fan. But in any case, I found the new Q to be quite adorable with all his hair and glasses and stuff.

J: He definitely had that going for him. He was part of my confusion regarding timelines, but I'll save that for a deeper discussion. One more thing before we go. Holy shit, Javier Bardem.

M: [laughs] Well said.

J: One of the most terrifying...

M: And hilarious!

J: Villains I have ever encountered in a movie. I wanted to trust him, but knew I couldn't. It was strange and compelling and I really like his blonde hair.

M: Rich and compelling!

J: You're a dirty pirate hooker.

M: I'm gonna punch you in the ovaries. And we digress!

J: Far too easily I'm afraid. In any case, a wholehearted recommendation from BWAB for Skyfall. Go forth and see this movie, friends. We're sorry about Paul.

M: It'll never happen again. It'll most certainly happen again.

J: Anything else to add? About Skyfall? Life? Wine?
Ahh, English rooftops at sunset...

M: Uhhhh...

J: I'll take that as a no! Have great night folks, we'll be here... for awhile...

M: What are we watching next?

J: I've no idea!


J: What the lady said.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Brogue Encounters of the British Kind...

M: Welcome back, readers!

J: We've been gone for so long.

M: It's a lovely day for blogging. And not being outside.

J: [Nods, sips coffee. Licks fork seductively]

M: Wasting no time today. Right in to it then, shall we? Today we'll be reviewing a less than spectacular film known as Paul. How about a plot run-down, Jenna?

J: Five words or less? [counts on fingers]. Nerds. Meet. Aliens. And. Girl. This...this is a bad idea. But really, not a whole lot happens. Simon Pegg and..

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost.
(aka Meredith & Jenna in 20 years)
M: ...the other guy?

J: The other guy. Poor guy. Anyway, they're travelling through the American Southwest and trying to hit all of the alien 'hot-spots.' They stumble upon Paul, a quintessential little-green-man, who's been in the U.S. since the 1940s and is just trying to get home. Along the way, they pick up a one-eyed, right-wing Kristin Wiig and attract the attention of Sigourney Weaver and Jason Bateman, who are relentlessly one-dimensional in their desire to capture Paul. That's literally all we saw. Because somebody fell asleep...

"I hate my life."
M: In my defense, I honestly thought I was still watching the movie...

J: With your eyes closed.

M: Like I said...

J: Truthfully, the movie was pretty dull, even with the incredible cast, which included Seth Rogen as the voice of Paul. Even Simon and...

M: We've really got to look up his name...Nick Frost.

J: Yes, Nick Frost...Even Simon and Nick's delightful Britishisms couldn't save this movie from


J: Yeah!

M: I think that about sums it up. Anything else to add for our faithful followers?

J: So far the soundtrack rocks!

M: Indeed. Thanks, Spotify.
Why am I not more entertaining?

J: Also, if you know the ending, just write it in the comments below.

M: We're almost curious enough to finish the movie...

J: But we'd rather not.

M: There you have it, folks. Stay tuned for our exclusive review of the much-anticipated SKYFALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Brogue Point

J: Can we call this Brogue Point?

M: [laughs] I think we just did!

J: The translation, for those of you who aren't fluent in drunken blog-speak, is Match Point! That one Woody Allen movie that you probably didn't see starring a hunky Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and the ever-sexy ScarJo. And friends.

M: I got nothin'.

J: Fair enough! So we're cheating a bit with this one, because we'd both seen it prior...

M: That seems appropriate...

J: [laughs] Anyway, we'd both seen it prior to this viewing. I remember liking the first time, though the group I was with fervently did not. Did you like it the first time you saw it?

M: I was on a tour bus in Morocco. As I recall, I and those around me...

J: [brownie timer goes off] Hold that thought!

M: Good, I need a moment. Holding...

J: Not even kind of done. Five more minutes! As you were saying?

M: Yes. Those of us on the bus who managed to watch the whole thing were nothing less than irate by the end of it.
Be sure to watch for these guys! They're hilarious!

J: [nods appreciatively] This seems like a love it or leave it type of movie. Or maybe hate it a lot. How was the second viewing?

M: Well, truth be told, this was not my second viewing. This was probably more like my fifth viewing.

J: You and Match Point, huh?

M: Um. You could say that. Upon additional viewings, I've found many, many appealing and redeeming qualities of this movie.

J: I know of one for sure!

M: Whatever do you mean?

J: Coward and bastard though he may play in the film, Mr. Rhys-Meyers is one sexy beast.

S: You guys are so cute!

J: Are you on beer the second?

M: All hail beer the second! Long live beer the second! Actually no, I'm not.

J: ...

M: It gets warm, it's no good.

J: Well. This escalated quickly.

S: [shouts from the bathroom] No Gangnam Style for Sarah in the blog!
Table tennis is really super difficult, guys.

J: Back to the matter at hand. Let's give our most loyal readers a quick run-down of the plot.

M: [super genuinely] Let's do! At the start of our fine film we meet recently-retired tennis pro Chris. He's a poor, earnest Irish boy come from nothing who moves to London and begins his epic social climbing endeavor with an unsuspecting filthy-rich English family.

J: Matters are complicated when he meets the fiancée of his friend Tom, ScarJo. She's American, buxom, blonde, and altogether...

M: I was gonna say falling apart...

Why don't they have "Hey girl" memes
with Matthew Goode?
J: She is that. She's also unabashedly flirtatious but adamant in her desire to maintain her distance. Until that one time.

M: But enough about ScarJo...

J: Sorry! I got a little side-tracked.

M: There's just so much beautiful man going on.

J: Including Tom, played by Matthew Goode. I've loved him ever since Chasing Liberty with Mandy Moore. Sexy adorable Brit. And in this movie, the most charming alcoholic I've ever "met".

M: He totally adds a much-needed lighter side to the film, and he's just stupid-cute.

J: So really us watching this movie doesn't have as much to do with the authenticity of the brogues as it should.

M: Oh, but the brogues are amazing! Frankly, Emily Mortimer... love her accent. It's perfect for the role. And half of the things Tom says I'm mostly convinced would not be nearly as entertaining to me without the awesome brogue.

J: I stand corrected! One of the most interesting parts about it for me was Chris' faux attempt to mask his Irish brogue.
Somehow, it just wasn't enough.

M: In the movie, there's maybe two places where you're like "Oh, he's maybe sort of Irish." The rest of the time he does that super posh British thing, because he's trying to infiltrate the ranks of super filthy rich-dom.

J: Man, this is one of our longest posts.

M: [laughs] How did that happen? In my defense, I have not swooned that much about Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, though I could.

J: I think we're just early on in the evening, if you catch my drift.

And they walked in fields of gold.
M: There's one more thing I must say. If I remember from the one film class I've taken in my life, I think one trademark Woody Allen move is the cohesive theme of his soundtracks. In this case, he picked opera, and it is outstanding. It works really well.

J: I forgot about that completely. It really does add an air of elevated class to a movie that's about little more than adultery and...

M: And other bad things. Foreshadowing, you know.

J: Can't say more, or else we'll give it away! Not like it came out half a decade ago or anything...

M: Details.
But why are you all screaming?

J: Bottom line, dark and twisty movie with seriously beautiful people and spot-on brogue.

M: Mmhmm. Well said.

J: Stay tuned for a film of a lighter sort!