Sunday, November 11, 2012

Brogue Encounters of the British Kind...

M: Welcome back, readers!

J: We've been gone for so long.

M: It's a lovely day for blogging. And not being outside.

J: [Nods, sips coffee. Licks fork seductively]

M: Wasting no time today. Right in to it then, shall we? Today we'll be reviewing a less than spectacular film known as Paul. How about a plot run-down, Jenna?

J: Five words or less? [counts on fingers]. Nerds. Meet. Aliens. And. Girl. This...this is a bad idea. But really, not a whole lot happens. Simon Pegg and..

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost.
(aka Meredith & Jenna in 20 years)
M: ...the other guy?

J: The other guy. Poor guy. Anyway, they're travelling through the American Southwest and trying to hit all of the alien 'hot-spots.' They stumble upon Paul, a quintessential little-green-man, who's been in the U.S. since the 1940s and is just trying to get home. Along the way, they pick up a one-eyed, right-wing Kristin Wiig and attract the attention of Sigourney Weaver and Jason Bateman, who are relentlessly one-dimensional in their desire to capture Paul. That's literally all we saw. Because somebody fell asleep...

"I hate my life."
M: In my defense, I honestly thought I was still watching the movie...

J: With your eyes closed.

M: Like I said...

J: Truthfully, the movie was pretty dull, even with the incredible cast, which included Seth Rogen as the voice of Paul. Even Simon and...

M: We've really got to look up his name...Nick Frost.

J: Yes, Nick Frost...Even Simon and Nick's delightful Britishisms couldn't save this movie from


J: Yeah!

M: I think that about sums it up. Anything else to add for our faithful followers?

J: So far the soundtrack rocks!

M: Indeed. Thanks, Spotify.
Why am I not more entertaining?

J: Also, if you know the ending, just write it in the comments below.

M: We're almost curious enough to finish the movie...

J: But we'd rather not.

M: There you have it, folks. Stay tuned for our exclusive review of the much-anticipated SKYFALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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