Monday, April 30, 2012

Stevie Goes to Ireland

M: In honor of how little I care about the Manchester Derby (although, it was pretty entertaining to see Liam Gallagher celebrate the Man City win) here's a video of FC Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard on The Late Late Show in Dublin!

As far as brogues go, for me, it just doesn't get much better than this:


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Saturday, April 7, 2012

"I'm the King of the [Brogue]!"

M: (burp)

J: Does that happen a lot? (removes glasses)

M: In my kitchen? What were we talking about?

J: Titanic! (sigh) How could I forget?

M: Yes! Was it the soundtrack that gave it away?

J: Oh my god! That's what was so terrifyingly depressing and beautiful...

M: Indeed...

J: Made me want to cry... (clutches cup of wine)

M: Wow, it's a good thing they'll let anyone on the internet!

J: (singing in the background)... God, this was not as sad when I was 12!!! Goddamn Irish flute...

M: So, Jenna, I understand that last night you had the opportunity to see Titanic once again in the theaters for the first time since 1997. How would you describe your reaction?

J: Um, powerful. (I'm not usually this drunk when I try to answer these questions.)

M: Go on...

J: Okay, it was far better than I remembered. Damn, I'm not doing this justice... Unexpected. I don't think I really understood the nuances when I was 11 or 12.

M:  So the hand on the window was just a hand on the window?

J: Don't get me wrong, I knew there was something going on there. I knew there was something untoward going on, but I couldn't have described it. As an adult, I can't help but think that had I the chance to share a backseat with Leonardo DiCaprio/Jack Dawson, I would have gladly taken it...

M:  Any other highlights of the film?

J:  The céilí in the lower decks...

M: Go on...

J:  Easily one of the most iconic scenes of the 90s and the decade after... Almost every moment of that scene has stuck with me, 15 years later, and I am still just as enamored of Irish music as I was when Titanic came out in 1997.

M:  More iconic than say the "I'm the king of the world scene!" or the "Jack, I'm flying!" scene?

J:  Or the naked Kate Winslet scene? Ok, no, but this IS Blog with a Brogue. Just trying to appeal to our audience.

M:  Fair enough!

J:  And how many imitations of the circular dance scene have there been? If I had the right shoes on right now...

M:  Awesome. Who would you say was your favorite character of the film?

J:   Twelve-year old Jenna would say Leo. Twenty-six year old Jenna also loves Leo, but appreciates the perspective of Molly Brown.

M:  Amen.

J:  Listen, though, she was totally wrong about sending the lifeboat back. They would have been swamped and they all would have died.

M: Unfortunately true. But what a spirit, that woman!

J:  The unsinkable Molly Brown! And let's talk about Mr. Andrews, the ship's designer.

M:  (sigh)

J:  I found myself unexpectedly sympathetic to his character.

M:  Absolutely. He was always a favorite of mine. Especially with that Irish lilt...

J:  Quite so... I'm sad, though, there was such a small fuss about Jack's actual death... Also, the way I remember this movie, it was a poem you memorized for class. The meaning is lost on you at the time, but later on...

M:  Absolutely. Looking back, I was amazed at how many instances where I knew the lines before they were spoken... My, this is ramble-y!

J:  I can't believe you're still typing the things I'm trying to say... We haven't answered any questions about brogue or blogging or anything!

Baby Leo
M:  What would you say about the brogues in this film?

J: Jack didn't have one...

M:  'Cause he was from Chippewa Falls!

J:  Rose didn't have one... The only brogue I really remember was from the curly-haired Irishman -

M:  Tommy!

J:  Tommy - the one that cautions Jack that angels would 'more likely fly out of [his] arse' than he would get next to the likes of Rose. My younger self was convinced that "arse" was 'hair,' but that's a story for another time...

M: Oh, I do hope we get on to that story someday...

J:  So I think I was 11, not 12...

M:  Unreal...

J:  I still can't decide if I want to see it again. I kind of do, but it wouldn't be the same. I literally couldn't breath I was crying so hard!

M: Indeed. To quote from the movie itself:  "Three years, I've thought of nothing except Titanic; but I never got it... I never let it in."

J:  Right! That's it exactly!

M: You wanted to get it...

J:  And you thought you did!

M: But you couldn't...

J:  The reason I never understood it was because I'd never been in love, I'd never had my first love, and then to lose it... God, how do you finish after that?

M:  Your heart must go on!

J:  Fin.

She never let go...