Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Football in Brogueland!

Euro 2012 logo
(shamelessly "borrowed")

J: Welcome back to Blog with a Brogue! I'd like to say our long absence has been fruitful and productive, but the truth is, we've just been so distracted by the [then upcoming] Euros, we couldn't manage to get to a computer! For those of you wondering, the Euros are a massive football (soccer) tournament just for European national teams held every four years, opposite the World Cup. It's hosted by the Union des Associations Européennes de Football, or UEFA for short (there's a little French brogue for ya). We've just reached the end of the Group stages and are moving on to the Knockout phase, which consists of both the quarter-finals and the semi-finals. Meredith, who are you rooting for this season? Also, what's going on?

M: Like many heartbroken Irish fans, I was cheering for the team in green, the Republic of Ireland.

J: I detect sadness. Also past tense. Tell me more.

M: After a valiant and apparently exhausting effort to qualify for the tournament, the Irish had a very disappointing start against Croatia, which was followed by a crushing 4-0 defeat from the defending world champs, España.

J: I'm so sorry for your loss. Is there not anyone left to cheer for? BWAB wants to know.

M: I'm so glad you asked. I'm not sure what I called the team... King George's Men?

J: Georgie's Boys?

M: [laughs hysterically] No. Captain Gerrard and His Men had a dazzling comeback [last Friday] against the Swedes.

J: Hurrah! Thank god for good 'ole England!

M: Jolly old England.

Tommy Smyth.
J: So I watched the Ireland-Croatia game, and the finish not withstanding, I think my favorite part was the Irish announcer.

M: The little bald guy? I'm trying to think of his name.
J: Best Irish/leprechaun accent EVER.

M: He's a gem. Such spirit!

J: Who has been your favorite character in the Euros so far?

M: In all of the Euros? The whole wide Euros?!

J: All of them.
Mr. Doyle, in his Wolves kit.
M: God. So many. Well. There's Kevin Doyle. He's beautiful, and then there's Stevie G., who's also beautiful AND talented AND a great leader. And then there's the German goalkeeper who looks like my brother from the right angle. And THEN there's Fernando Torres, who has the largest hips of any man I've seen.

Sr. Torres y las caderas.
J: What?!

M: He's just so peculiar looking. But damn if he can't put the ball in the net. That's about it. Matt would be appalled...

J: And that's why he's not here.

M: ...This is all I've got out of the Euros: 'That guy's hot' and 'that guy's really cute'... But, really, in truth, I do adore soccer with many fibers of my being. Some people will just blindly say 'with every fiber of my being,' but I do have other loves. Soccer just happens to be a very large one.

J: [nods appreciatively] Well said. Any notable brogue-ing?

M: I'd certainly have to tip my hat to Ian Drake and Steve McManaman for their colorful brogue-filled commentary throughout the tournament.

J: Okay. Excellent. Good job.

M: Yaaaaay!

J: Up next: Dr. Who!

M: Dr. What!?

J: The Doctor... is in...