Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Awakening

M: Alright. So we watched The Awakening. And it was terrifying, and really, really sad.

J: Super sad. There were ghosts and dead people and murder scenes and frightening children and shotguns and mega, mega brogue. In fact, I have to be honest and say this movie was recommended by my parents via a system that they now call "Brogue Alert". I'm pretty sure they just think the blog is called "Brogue Alert" at this point.

M: [silent laughter]

J: It wasn't that silent. Anyway, in lieu of an actual post, because we've been drinking and eating strawberry frosting-covered rice krispy treats...

M: So. Much. Sugar. Sweet, panda-shaped sugar.

J: ... we're just going to leave you with this. May it haunt your dreams forever and ever.

M: [whispers dramatically] Foreverrrrrr.