Thursday, October 11, 2012

Attack the Brogue

 "Look at this happy person with her awesome t-shirt!"
(This could've been you. Loser.)

L: Am I supposed to be part of the conversation?

M: Yes! You're our lucky winner. And BASS President.

L: Yesssss....

M: Bassssss.... Oh god you're typing all this! She always does this. I never notice. Now you know all the secrets behind B-WAB.

L: It's so fun to watch it live.

M: This drink is strong.

L: [whispers] She's still typing.

J: Meredith, as soon as you're done with your fancy new phone [dramatic sigh] why don't you tell us about Attack the Block?

M: I was texting my Mom! I gotta think for a second. [focuses] Well Attack the Block is another excellent film from the makers of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. It follows a troop of young boys.

J: Gang. It's a gang, Meredith.

M: Oh my god. I just got straw-ed. That's not going to make any sense.

J: Doesn't matter. Keep going.

M: Okay. A gang of young boys as they defend their south London neighborhood - potentially Brixton - from an invasion.

The gang. No, literally. 
J: [pauses]

M: That's all I've got.

J: It's a surprisingly serious story (alliteration!) of racial and socioeconomic tension, coupled with a most dramatic version of an alien attack in London. When I first sat down to watch Attack the Block, Meredith warned me that the beginning would be a bit hard to get through.

M: First five minutes, a little rough. Misleading. But maybe that's the point. Am I even speaking in full sentences? [laughs] Anyways... it is chock full of metaphor and symbolism and deeper meaning while still remaining accessible and very entertaining.

I did not think this man could ever look any more awkward.
Boy, was I wrong.
J: That's a damn accurate description. I was overwhelmed by how difficult this movie was to watch at times. You grow really attached to the characters - who are, at times, remarkably difficult to understand!

M: Yes! The lingo - whatever you want to call it - is outstanding! You really must see it for yourself.

J: Agreed! The brogue is incredible and authentic and wonderfully varied for a movie that takes place of the span of exactly one night.

Aliens. Trust. Believe.
M: And the soundtrack, likewise.

J: All in all a movie quite different from both Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, but one I would wholeheartedly recommend.

M: And minus Simon Pegg. But all the same, it's truly worthwhile.

J: Definitely.

M: It's kind of warm in here. I'm also wearing wool socks. I was wearing clogs earlier, but they slide off your feet sometimes, and it's hard to walk. Dammit Jenna!

L: That's why I'm being as quiet as possible.
Fantastic shot of the group. Happy anniversary, BWAB!

M: [laughs]

L: [laughs]

J: [cackles]

M: We are friends! We are laughing!


We have another BWAB anniversary participant! No comment on relation. It's definitely not nepotism.

The party continues.
M2: I've been at Ernst for awhile...

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