Wednesday, October 10, 2012


"On the first try, I'm so proud of us!"
J: Well folks, we can't believe it either, but tomorrow is the official one-year anniversary of Blog With A Brogue, or B-WAB, as we like to call it. Meredith, how do we plan to celebrate?

M: Well Jenna I'm glad you asked! In honor of the big 0-1, we'll be blogging live as we did at the very beginning from the lovely Bourgeois Pig. But wait, there's more!

J: Yes, there is! We successfully designed and had printed actual, real-live t-shirts and ONE OF THEM COULD BE YOURS! All you have to do is be the first one to show up tomorrow to our Blog-iversary party at the Pig and come say hello. We won't be hard to spot.

M: 'Cause you probably know us.

J: Let's be honest.

M: I would be really weirded out if some total stranger showed up. [laughs] Not that they shouldn't! [coughs] I'm glad you read the blog...

J: Leave a comment once in awhile why don't you!

M: Seriously.

J: In any case, the shirts are freaking awesome and were made with love and only a short conversation about satanic orgies (thanks, Acme!). We'll also be blogging about Attack the Block, which we just finished watching (timing is not really our thing).

M: "Look at this happy person with their awesome t-shirt!"

J: Is what we'll say to the winner of the aforementioned blog contest!

M: Spoiler alert! That will literally be the caption. This occasion deserves quality.

J: Damn right it does. That being said, we're calling it a night. See you tomorrow! Probably... maybe...

M: Yeah, maybe...


J: We'll be at the Pig around 8:30! Seriously, don't show up early! We'd be so sad!

M: Or if you do show up early, have a drink! Or two...

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