Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bites of Brogue

M:  Welcome back to Blog With a Brogue's double feature hump-day edition.

J: I have something to say.

M: By all means. Go ahead.

J: Literally, the only reason why I wanted to watch this next movie was because of David Tennant. I didn't care if his part lasted minutes. All I knew was that my beloved Dr. Who was in it, and I had to see it. That being said, I was terribly impressed.

M: As was I. 

Shut up you're beautiful.
J: I didn't know it was a remake, which may have helped honestly, having something older and original to go on. But everyone played their parts beautifully.

M: Yes, I tried not to flinch when they politely informed me at Liberty Hall that they "only had the remake."

J: The kid from Charlie Barker was funny. And TONI COLLETTE! I yelled that, both times I watched it, and I didn't know it. 

M: "Oh my god, you did!"

J: I'd just like to point out that it took us two times to watch this movie. The first ended in drunken debauchery and a memorable shout-out to the pizza delivery boy. ("You night!") The second, far more successful, was hosted by B.A.S.S. member Liz Stuewe. She's really great. 

M: As was the movie itself. Why don't you give us a brief run down of the ol' plot.

J: Ye olde plot:  Charlie and Toni live in Las Vegas in a very suburban community. Colin Farrell moves in next door and it becomes apparent rather quickly that he is, in fact, a vampire. 

M: Dun dun dunnnnn....

McWho? McLovin! Vampire hunter. Look for it next fall.
J: With the help of an occult magician, aka Mr. Tennant plus eyeliner, Charlie proceeds to battle the vampires who have invaded his small community and save as many people as he can along the way. I was genuinely frightened at times. And David Tennant was brilliant. Obviously. In fact, he was the only one with a brogue, which gets this movie in on a technicality. Colin Farrell does have a brogue, but he hid it, and not very well in my opinion. 

M: And McLovin's in it. And he will apparently always be known as McLovin. 

J: He's part of an awesome subplot about nerdom versus conformity, which I appreciated wholeheartedly. 

M: Anything else you'd like to add?

J: Not kid-friendly. Rated R for a reason. But worth a watch all the same. It's available at Liberty Hall.
They totally didn't have it. Also, I'm wearing
fake hair right now. And copious eyeliner.

M:  They do not have the original. (Or at least, they did not at the time of rental.)

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