Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brogues in Black

M: So, the Woman in Black... How was she?

J: She's terrifying! Ed Hardy -- is that his name?

M: As in the guy that's in the movie?

J: No, as in the guy that's in Anchorman! I can't believe you missed that...

M: Well, maybe if you'd said Ed Harkin...

J: I got the initials right. But really, as for the movie, I jumped a lot. It was pretty scary.

M: Indeed. What did you think of Mr. Harry Potter's foray into non-Potter-ness?

Honestly, nothing more
 frightening than creepy children.
J: I'd heard not-so-good things, so I admit my expectations were low. However, I really was pleasantly surprised. Not a trace of Harry emerged. He was thoroughly believable as a grieving father, and I have no complaints about his acting skills. Quite the contrary....

M: Brilliant. Though a professed scary-movie hater, I was quite taken with this fim. How would you say it compares to others of its genre? (That's the wine talking...)

J: I'm a recent convert to the scary-movie church, and this one was brilliant, in my opinion. Very little gore, but a lot of suspense, and a significant psychological element, which for me is scarier than any fake blood I've ever seen. Very classic in its execution and very satisfying in its conclusion.
I'm here, Daniel!

M: Ow-oww! I need some more wine...

J: You know, it really was a pretty simple movie.

M:  That it was. It made great use of its scenery...

J: Its monochromatic palate...

M: Yes!

J:  The Woman In Black,  it was nearly black and white.

M: Quite true.
And I'm there. Just kidding! It's her! Watch out!

J: And the brogues were the least of our worries.

M: Yes, how did you find the brogues?

J: They were satisfying!

M: Can I saw "ow-oww" again? Too much? Too much.

J: It's Daniel Radcliffe, so, never.

This guy was in the movie too. The end.
M: Ok, anything else you care to add to our post here, Jenna Ann?

J: Only that if you're enjoying an evening at home alone, this is an excellent way to--

M: Scare the pee out of yourself?

J: Ha! I was gonna say, "Pass the time!" So, I'd recommend it. Let's leave it at that.

M: And so we did....

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