Monday, August 6, 2012

Brownies, Beer & Brogue

J: So, it's been awhile.

M: As usual. We're sorry?

J: Question mark?

M: What's more fun than blogging? Chimes. That's gonna be hard to explain.

J: My clock just chimed. That's all. So do we have a point to this post?

M: We do. Today we're going to blog (blague) about a fine piece of Irish cinema starring every Irish actor of whom you may have heard. That makes the em-phass-is seem way wrong, but I can't end a sentence with 'of.'

J: I was very pleasantly surprised by this movie, not the least of which because Colin Farrell finally plays a character true to his nature. The movie's called Intermission and it's witty and funny, sweet...

M: And Irish. Just throwing that in... [trails off into giggles] Choose yer chime!

J: Yes. Definitely Irish. Also dramatic, suspenseful, and surprising in turn.

M: This is the worst blog post ever. Terrible.

J: Give us a brief plot synopsis for everyone who may actually read this and decide they want to see the movie.

M: It's a film of many overlapping stories, but mostly centers around a man named John (Cillian Murphy) and his "intermission" of a relationship.

J: Ohhhhhhh! I totally get it now. [laughs]

M: [stares blankly] [blinks]

J: Sorry. Do go on...

M: John, deciding to randomly assert his independence and have an "intermission" of sorts from his girlfriend, starts a chain of events that...

J: [rasps] That ends in murder! Collin Farrell plays your typical thug/bad guy and Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter plays a girl with a moustache but she's actually really cute. Her name is Shirley Henderson.

M: She looks like a Shirley.

J: In any case, there are scenes in a bar, on a bus, in shops, on the street, and even out in the countryside.

M: And a supermarket.

J: Okay, just warning you, someone barfs in a supermarket. Watch out for that. I think my favorite character was John's friend.

Oscar and John go clubbin'. 
M: Oscar?

J: His name is David Wilmot. He's so endearing.

M: And gingery.

J: He's a big ginger. Who was your favorite character?

Mask of unknown gentleman (x3).
M: I'd say it's really a toss-up. The film is literally full of good characters. I want to say it's the highest grossing Irish film... [looks it up]

J: According to Wikipedia, it was the "Best Irish Film" of 2003 according to the Irish Film and Television Awards.

M: Good stats. Stat.

J: Indeed. A good movie, too, and one we recommend. Easier to understand than The Guard, but still chock full of delicious Irish brogue. Only a couple moments of questionable comprehension.

M: Story of my life.


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