Thursday, January 16, 2014

BWAB Reviews: The Cornerstones!

M: Welcome back to BWAB's special double feature edition! That's right; one week, two posts!

J: Today, for something completely different...

M: That's right. BWAB is stepping in to new territory.

J: We're very frightened. Much like that raccoon you chased earlier.

M: It was investigatory!! I thought it was a cat!

J: So not a cat...

M: Anyways... we are gathered here tonight to talk about some people we met on Twitter. I use "met" very loosely, as you may have guessed. They're called The Cornerstones, a West London 4-piece alternative band.

J: Four very sturdy men. Mens' names. Richard, Daniel, Karl (with a K), and Ryan...

M: Didn't you date guys with those names? Sorry. Too soon. It's the whiskey. I love you.

J: I don't think I've ever dated a Ryan...

M: But a Karl with a K?

J: Technically, also no. But there's always time...

M: We can only hope. So yeah. They're a band and they play music...

J: Quite good music!

M: Yes! We did some digging about the internets. Multiple nets. We visited their SoundCloud, their Myspace, their Facebook page... even some YouTube videos! Our conclusion...

J: I would really like to see this band live. Their musicianship is really stellar, and I feel like they know how to work a crowd.

M: They can work your crowd! Sorry. The whiskey, again. But yes, I don't disagree. We've been sampling a few of their tracks on and off the past week and they've got some catchy ditties, I must say. One got stuck in my head on the drive to work this morning, even.

J: If you've ever seen Kings of Leon live...

M: Which we have... I'm going again in March, b*tches.

J: They have a very similar... is trance rock a thing?

M: [googles] I'm gonna say yes, but I don't think that is what this is...

J: But you know what I mean. Sort of a steady, repetitive alternative rock beat.

M: Yes!

J: Something you can bang your head to.

M: Yes. Well put. Although, I was gonna say that a "steady, repetitive beat" sums up most of rock music, but no, I totally get what you mean. I'd have to say that their songs cover quite a spectrum.

[soup break]

[20 minute discussion about raccoons]

J: That soup smells delicious, and I'm not even hungry...

M2: I don't know that I am either...

M: Who would you say that this band sounds like? We realize you're sick, so... no pressure.
Richard, Daniel, Karl (with a K), and Ryan,
in no particular order.

J: Except in your head.

M: Sinus jokes! I love it!

[BWAB high five]

M: So, Matt threw out The Oranges Band, and wow. He's good with the references. Um, I think we also said upon a first listen of The Cornerstones' "Smack Me in the Face" that it wouldn't have felt out of place in Velvet Goldmine. Among Velvet Goldmine? Around those guys? Matt also name-dropped Beaten Awake.

J: Include the fact that you both previously worked at a record store and have some claim to music knowledge.

M: One of us perhaps more than the other. Anyways... now we're listening to The Jam. It's... entertaining. I'm mentioning The Jam, as it is listed as one of their 'Top 8' on their Myspace page. The moral of this story is that The Cornerstones are a...

M2: Ironic in name, as there's usually only one 'cornerstone' to a building.

M: Well, yes.

M2: Where are they from? Chelsea? Westham?

J: West London. The bottom line for me is that I liked The Cornerstones and I wish I could afford a plane ticket to London to see them live, get their autograph, and/or throw my panties at the stage.

M: Scandalous! But yes, I hope they make it stateside to our lovely town. We have many...

J: Leather-bound books...

M: ...fine establishments at which they could play their songs for us. It would be lovely.

J: Loverly.

M: Until then, we invite all of our faithful readers to check out The Cornerstones on SoundCloud,

J: Or YouTube!

M: Or Myspace!

J: Or Facebook!

M: And of course, Twitter, and let us know what you think!

J: Till next time...

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