Thursday, January 23, 2014

Brogueshead Revisited

K: Oh Jaysus!

M: [laughs] So the best quote of the book wasn't even in the movie! The two best quotes did not make the film. The third best quote, however, did make the film. About the wine being like a shy gazelle.

K: Oh, that was good.

M: Pretty brilliant.

J: So what were the two best quotes of the book?

M: Well. The second-best quote is the part where Sebastian asks if they ought to be drunk every night, and Charles says, "Yes, I think so," or something to that effect.

J: Naturally. I think you even sent me a picture of that part.

M: I did. It was that good. But the first best quote that I believe ties, at least for me, the whole story together is where Charles admits that Sebastien was always the frontrunner.

J: Oh, my!

K: Ohh, my!

J: In case you all are confused, which I am regularly, we're talking about Brideshead Revisited, the British film featuring Matthew Goode and whats-his-name.

The gang in simpler times.
M: I dunno. Q.

J: Yes, that one. It's a tragic and...

M: I thought the book was quite funny.

K: They lost that somewhere.

M: This film took itself far too seriously.

J: It was really depressing.

K: Quite depressing.

M: Sorry guys.

J: I tried to drink enough, but I'm just sad and sober now.

K: Yeeeeah...
Dumbledore stops by for a visit. No Forbidden Forest for you.

M: [sips beer]

J: It was gorgeous film, full of quintessential Britishisms and lovely countryside scenes.

M: And haughtiness!

J: Absolutely. I do imagine that the book would have been much more fun to explore than the film.

M: I'd already like to read it again, actually, after seeing this. As Katie mentioned, I think they took some liberties.

J: And what prompted you to read in the first place?

K: [laughs] Yes, Mere!
Emma, Matthew, and Brogueshead.

M: That's really not important.

K: Isn't it though?

M: It's this guy. Maybe he's in a band. I don't know. I don't care!

K: [laughs] [sighs] How long was that? I feel like we watched it forever!

M: [laughs] How many minutes of my life will I not get back? [mimes playing piano music] It's beautiful!

K: Lovely!

J: So the movie... one of the main themes was obviously...

M: That religion ruins everything!

Who are you really looking at here, Matthew?
K: Yeeeah....

J: Seriously! This movie was full of lives and happinesses ruined because of the rigidity of Catholicism and the mindset of those who follow it strictly.

[utter silence]

[piano music continues]

M: So...

K: Anyways...

M: [sighs] [sips beer]

J: So the accents were lovely...

M: Quite!
Matthew, er... Charles... visits Morocco.

J: But I can't say anyone really needs to watch this movie unless you...

K: Maybe read the book.

M: Yes!

J: If you're looking for a sappy dramatic British fix.

K: A downer.

J: If Downton is just too peppy for you... check out Brideshead Revisited.

K: Or don't.

J: I shan't be doing so again.

M: [dies]


M: I'm so sorry!

K: [shakes fists] EZRAAAAA!!!!!

Sebastian and Aloysius say goodnight from Oxford!

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