Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Velvet Brogue-mine

M: This wine is making it hard for me to keep things in my head long enough to say them. Yes, I really said that.

J: So tonight, Meredith and I indulged in a box of wine (or part of one) and a whopper of a movie. Velvet Goldmine, ladies and gentlemen, is full of brogue and music and glitter (lots of glitter), and most of all, love.

M: It's glorious.

J: Meredith, can you give us a very brief synopsis?

M: Ah hell. Well, I can try. Um. Velvet Goldmine is a very entertaining attempt at a quasi-biography of Mr. David Bowie as told through the fictional pop star of Brian Slade. Along for the ride is a young glam-rock enthusiast-turned-journalist, played by Mr. Christian Bale.

J: Let's not forget the motivational character.

M: Oh, right, right... and his talent! Mr. Ewan McGregor portrays Curt Wilde, the fictional representation of Mr. Iggy Pop, or so I'm told.

J: Excellent. I think our readers can now attempt to follow along. First question: Who was your favorite character?

M: Oh, that's brutal. (Did you just write that?)

J: (Nothing is sacred here.)

M: I think Christian Bale's character is surely easiest to relate to, and to identify with. His progression from oppressed school boy to glam-rockstar-groupie-turned-journalist is admirable and triumphant. I also found his particular brogue to be most fascinating, as it sounds distinctly different from his normal Welsh-English accent. It seems to accurately mirror the region from which his character hails.

J: He's probably the only saving grace of the movie.

M: I mean, he's probably the only one you can actually relate to. I don't know what it's like to be a crazy-ass coked-out pop star, let alone David Bowie.

J: What was your opinion of the music in the film?

M: "Generally I liked it!" I enjoyed the music very much, both the original and the more classic tracks. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is certainly no Thom Yorke, but he's not completely inept.

Pink hair.
J: Speaking of Mr. Rhys-Meyers, how did his image in the film impact your overall impression of him as an actor?

M: I thought his commitment to the character was brave and inspiring, and frankly, it also looked like a good time. The make-up was incredible, and the glitter... ahh!

J: One last thing. The, uh, talent?

M: About the talent... very talented!

J: Thank you, thank you. What's next for Blog With a Brogue?

M: Oh, it's all you lady! MacGregor. MacDougal. (Are you typing this?!)

J: (I told you! Nothing is sacred!)

M: (Jesus, Mary and Joseph.)

J: Next up will be something - as yet undetermined - from my favorite brogue-speaker of all, James McAvoy.

M: Ha, Jimmy. Jimmy McAvoy.

J: Will definitely ponder... have lots to choose from!

M: Mr. Tumnus!

J: Haha, yes, yes. We shall see! Until next time, Brogue-landers!

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