Friday, July 17, 2015

The Quiet Brogue

M2: [plays Bob Seger on guitar] [sings] She's a little too tall!

M: He! He's a little too tall!

L: I'll be right back, I have the lyrics on my phone. Don't ask me why.

M2: [hands over album]  The lyrics to Night Moves should be right there.

J: You're both wrong. "I was a little too tall."

M: He doesn't really enunciate. And I was talking about him! He is a little too tall.

J: So we're trying to blog about The Quiet Hour. But mostly we're singing Bob Seger.

[20 minute discussion about Bob Seger and who the members of the Silver Bullet band actually look like.]

M: [hands over glass of champagne]

J: The Quiet Hour!

M: The Quiet Hour. I whispered that. 

M2: [shows Rod Stewart album cover]

The main character. I don't remember her name. 
M: Aw! 

M2: There's a lot of songs about "you". You're Insane, You're in My Heart...

J: Ahem!

M: So! We went to The Free State Festival. Jenna will link it. 

J: I paid the nice lady some extra money to give me ALL the wine. So I only sort of remember this movie.

M: She was a nice lady. And I just want to say... shout out to the Free State Festival. That was my first time attending any events this year. I attended three. They were all excellent.

J: I think that was the only one I made it to, and it was too cool. Can't wait for next year. So what'd you think of the movie?

M: Um. If I'm being honest, it was not my favorite. I had high hopes and it was... it was substantially compelling. It seemed, and I always hate this compliment, somebody gave me the compliment once of being "well-rendered". 

J: That seems accurate. Personally, I liked the storyline. That being said, I think I would have appreciated more action. It was definitely moving in a good direction, and then it just seemed like it was over before anything happened.

M: Yes. I feel like I've seen that movie before, just with a different premise.

The other main character. Le stranger.
J: It certainly wasn't original. Your basic human survivalist scenario. Wasn't it really similar in...

M: Retreat?

J: That's exactly what I was going to say! The plot... well, the basics... were definitely similar. How does a person react in worst case scenario with one ally. 

M: But no Cillian Murphy in this one, which is an automatic [gestures incoherently] you know [gestures again] ding, for me.

J: In any case, I would recommend this, though I think Mere would not, but either way, lovely brogue, interesting ideas, and a tidy plot.

M: And it's really not the worst. I mean, I watched the whole thing.

J: We were at the theater.

M: And it has some local ties! It won something at the Kansas City Film Festival. And that's when I learned, Kansas City has a film festival.

J: Go Kansas City!

M: Can we brogue the next movie?

These people. They're gross.
J: There's another movie?

M: Well, the one we're gonna go see.

J: We're about to go see Trainwreck, folks... pretty sure that's a no... [checks IMDB]... the dogwalker... DANIEL RADCLIFFE! We can blog it! I'm so excited.

M: Let's do it! [raises glass] With faux enthusiasm.

J: Till next time!

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