Friday, July 17, 2015

Ex Broguina

[X-Files plays in the background]

M: Oh. My God. That is not a bat! Ugh! Or is it... rawr!

M2: Dogget's done gonna drown. Just pull Dogget on out of the river.

J: Soooo we're blogging now...

M: Hang on, I have to burp. [burps loudly] 'Scuse me!

J: What movie should we talk about first?

M: [dies laughing at X-Files]

J: We'll talk about Ex Machina.

M: Okay I'm ready now.

J: We were VERY excited to see this movie.

M: We were!

Surprisingly, NOT the guy from 10 Things I Hate About You.
J: Mere mostly wanted to see it because of... oh...

M: You only get to write it if you can remember his name.

J: Ah... [pauses] I can do this...

M: We can come back to it. It'll come to you.

J: Dammit. Oscar Isaac!!

M: There it is! So the movie...

J: Was dark. And gritty. And intense. Well, not so much gritty as intense. It was really quite beautiful.

I think you might be the droid I'm looking for.
M: [nods] [munches carrot] I concur. Very beautiful.

J: He was really the only brogue-able one, right?

M: Oscar Isaac? No. Domhnall Gleeson was. Oscar Isaac's Guatemalan.

J: Riiiiight, right right. No one technically had an accent, though.

M: Yeah. Right. Ahh, he played an American and very well, I thought. I only noticed the one slip-up, where he said he was "in hospital."

J: And I missed that totally, because I apparently was so engrossed by the movie. Or gullible. One of the two.

Norway. Not Argentina. Norway.
M: In your defense, the movie was quite captivating. And disturbing.

J: Mostly disturbing. The entire movie was one crazy mind game. And featured pretty much only three characters in one setting. Unbelievable.

M: It gave it that good theatrical quality.

J: It really did. I could imagine it on a stage for sure, but the place they chose was perfect.

M: Was it South America? I think it was Argentina or something.

J: Would you recommend this movie?

"Tell me more about how you were in hospital."
M: I would. I would recommend it to anyone who's a fan of sci-fi. It's maybe something that's sort of been done before, but it was an interesting take on it.

J: And much more open-ended in its implications. This really was a pretty fantastically pure artificial intelligence storyline.

M: It didn't feel that heavy-handed, either. Like you said, open-ended.

J: There was a lot to think about, and the AI wasn't even the most disturbing part.

M: [laughs] I did do that.

J: Truly, though, a really thought-provoking film.

"Smell it!"
M: Speaking of thought-provoking! Our blogs are so much more coherent when we've not been drinking for several... ah... minutes... ah... beforehand.

J: I'd like to point out that we tried to blog two weeks ago, but some UVBLU got in the way. Hard.

M: Real hard.

J: Kitchen floor hard.

M: [laughs]

J: Don't we have something else to talk about?

M: We should do a new post.

J: Right-o! Be right back!
Y-M-C-A! It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A!

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