Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Inbebrogures: The Movie

M: We have 40 posts?

J: This year?

M: No, like all time...

J: I feel like this blog kind of defines our mid-twenties.

M: Are you typing this?

J: I am now! Mere, what are we doing here?

M: Well! We are gathered here today... or were gathered here...

M2: I can watch this with headphones on [referring to It's Always Sunny...]

J: Yeah, that would be greeeeeat...

On holiday! Note the excellent spray tan.
M2: [Settles into chair with headphones] I feel like it's absurd that I have to do this. Put that in the f*ckin' blog. [laughs]

M: I do love this show, though. If they only had brogues...

J: You were saying...

M: Yes! We gathered here this evening to watch The Inbetweeners Movie. And it. Was. Something.

J: Ya know, I really liked it. That might be the gin talking, but I really felt like it represented a lot of those angsty high-school feels that you tend to forget about as you get older. However, it was unforgivably unrealistic.

Not kidding. "Pussay Patrol."
M: [nods] I, for one, was very pleased to see how consistent it was with the original show. I hate when something goes to movie format, and the characters are all wrong!

J: That happened a bit with Firefly, but not too much. As Matt said, this really was like an "end of season special" or something. Two hours of nothing but raunchy fun, oddly apt life lessons, and delicious young British brogue. Wait. That came out wrong. All wrong. I take it back.

M: [still laughing] [dies] Anyways... man, that's hard to follow. I heard a rumor somewhere, most likely the internet, where all the things come from, that there may, in fact, be a second movie in the works. I would be very interested to just see more episodes or seasons of the show, as it is very entertaining.

J: Has it been cancelled? Is that why they're making movies?

Their first mistake.
M: I have no idea, honestly. British TV programming I've yet to figure out. I'd really like to see some more Downton Abbey.

M2: [laughs sporadically] It's 'cause he's not drunk enough to punch this board.

J: Back to the point at hand, The Inbetweeners Movie was absolutely hilarious, though as Matt pointed out, right on par with The 40-Year-Old Virgin in terms of awkwardness. Somehow their youth (and maybe their brogues) made it a bit easier to stomach.

M: And your boy Will was hilarious. Like, his character is hilarious in the show as it is, but I feel like he really stepped it up a lot in the movie. And apparently they're going to be in multiple sitcoms soon that look to be hilarious. But, of course, they're in England so we will not see them for another couple years at least, because the ocean is very large.

M2: [giggles]

J: Those ships, you know, they just take forever to get here. And yes, Will seems to be an excellent amalgamation of many people I know, myself included. All the boys seem to come out on top, which is an unlikely but satisfying end to the movie, especially given its start.

M2: "Go put on those little short shorts and let's take things to the next level." [laughs]

M: Okay. So we've got about 10 minutes. Anything to, ah... [raises hands]... sorry, to add for our conclusion?

J: Definitely worth the watch if you liked the show at all! 

M: Absolutely.
The infamous fishbowl.
Drink it in, it always goes down smooth!

J: And if you haven't seen it, this movie would be an excellent introduction, though maybe start with the show. There were just a few vague plot points that began with the series.

M: Quite right.

J: And we are, of course, looking forward to the next offerings, including a comedy set in WWI, oddly enough. 

M: A strange setting for comedy at first glance, but I do think it has potential.

J: And now, to trivia!!!!! Fear not, faithful readers, we have a plan in store for our next feature.

M: We do?

J: Yeah, you dummy, the movie this weekend!

M: I honestly forgot.

J: It's none other than Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, our reincarnated soul mates! 

M: I can't wait till we grow up to be them.

J: Which one will be which is, of course, still a mystery.

M: [laughs into the sunset]

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