Monday, June 10, 2013


J: You better stop this before another episode (Portlandia) gets started, or else we're never gonna blog. Turns out, blogging at House of Ginger is more difficult that I assumed.

M: You're still distracting us.

J: Maybe Matt should just participate.

Matt: Let's watch Pulp Fiction!

J: What's Star Trek I?

Matt: Uh, it's got like, uh....

J: We need to talk about Trance!

Matt: Trance!!

J: He's previously been referenced as M2.

M2: I don't know how to feel about that. Do you even know how to type? Sounds like you're just smashing keys over there.

M: Anyways...

J: What did you think about Trance?

M: Frankly, I spent a lot of energy trying to forget it.

J: Touche! Personally, I thought the idea was interesting, the concept of hypnosis, intriguing. But the movie itself was too dramatic for my tastes. It took itself too seriously. And whenever I saw Rosario Dawson, all I could think of was Rent. There it is! 

M2: (searching Youtube) Star Trek, the Original Motion Picture,  in 10 Minutes! This has gotta be good.

J: This is fantastic!

M2: That's the dad from 7th Heaven!

M: Oh my god, it is!

M2: What are they wearing?! ...There's like a God-thing in this one. They like talk to a 'cloud' for like an hour.

M: Seriously, I highly recommend looking this up on Youtube, folks. Guys, we need to focus!

J: No, this is only 10 minutes!

M2 & J: (digress in to deep conversation about Dune)

J: That was my first introduction to James McAvoy! Children of Dune. I was obsessed. It was December 3rd...

M2: Whoa...

J: No, I remember. It was December 3rd when it premiered. 2003, I think. It was a Sci-Fi original. 

M: Wow, guys.

M2: Dune's pretty sweet. I think we should watch Dune.

J: OH, CAN WE PLEASE?! Someone has an accent in that, right?

M2: Picard is in that, right?

J: It's on Netflix!

M: Are we seriously watching a Wrath of Khan trailer right now?

J: Yes

M2: That's Khan.

M: I like the new Khan better...

J: Definitely. If I had been a teenager in the 80s...

M: Gotta say I like the new Kirk better, too...

J: Like a lot.

M: You guys are full of spoilers by the way.

M2: We gotta start Dune! Sting is in Dune..

J: It is so good. The book is so good!

M2: It's really weird. It's got the mayor from Portlandia in it!  (searches for Dune on Netflix) Sexual Chronicles of a French Family?!

M: Wow. That's seriously what comes up if you search for Dune. I'm so confused right now...

J: Frank Herbert's Dune? I swear it used to be on here.

M: I feel like I'm just recording our conversations now for posterity...I have like, a page of stuff and we have NOT talked about Trance yet. I'm just sayin'...

(everyone still talking about Dune....)

M2: It's a movie you gotta talk about...

M: Man, we gotta get 'Chatty-Matty' outta here...

J: Was there anything particularly memorable for you about Trance?

M2: All the nudity...

J: No, there was no nudity...

M: (looks incredulously)

J: Ohh, yes there was...

M: It's kinda traumatizing just to hear you explain the plot to Matt...

J: I'm like, just now remembering everything...

M: Did you try to repress it all, too? 

J: Biblically smooth...

M: Best. Description. Ever. That's really all you need to know about Trance...

J: (laughes) I just drooled...or spat on myself.

M2: This movie sounds gawd-awful...

M: In our defense, we went in to this movie completely blind.

J: What happens at the end?

M: (stares, mouth agape) Uh, at the end, without ruining things for our faithful audience, there's a lot of fire and suspense and awful. 

J: Ohhhhh.....

Our general consensus on Trance.

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