Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Brogue-ing at Brits!

J: Welcome to a special in-between edition of Blog with a Brogue! What I mean there is that this isn't strictly a post about movies. We are, in effect, in between movies.

M: [laughs] [chews rice krispy treat loudly] [laughs some more]

J: Today we bring you an in-depth journey into the movie rental process at Brit's downtown.

M: Oh god not a journey! [chokes on rice krispy treats] 

J: I'm afraid it's true! Meredith, why don't you tell our esteemed followers exactly what we were after this afternoon. After.

M: Can I just say "after" again? 

J: Sure.

M: Let's start with that. After. [laughs] So, we recently discovered (or remembered) that there is, in fact, a lovely little rental section hiding in the back of our favorite British imports store, Brits!

J: Seriously, guys, they've got tons of movies. Especially if you still have a VHS player (also known, as it were, as a V-C-R).

M: It is a VHS goldmine for all things British.

J: [shouts] BBC!

M: In hopes of giving our fine followers...

J: Good alliteration!

M: Thanks! Where was I... [loses train of thought completely]

J: We just wanted to let people know that Brits is awesome and we love them and...

M: This is terrible. Don't let the Brits people see this.

J: They'll love it! In any case, the rental process is super easy - and cheap - and I encourage you to check out their selection of Dr. Who memorabilia. Also their jams and such. 'Cause it's Brits. But really, they're super nice and DVD rentals are $1.50 for two nights (with just 75 cents a night in late fees).

M: Of course, we would never be late in turning in our videos.

J: Never, ever. [shakes head for emphasis] [takes a quick drink]

M: We found a number of DVDs that we hope to feature here at BWAB in the near future, one of which we rented after filling out our membership forms.

J: Super easy, guys.

M: "Who are the Britons?" "We are all Britons and I am your king!" 

J: Not today, Meredith. Soon, though. Soon.

M: Is this just me quoting Monty Python to myself? It's too hot for blogging.

J: And we'll leave you with that! Stay tuned for our review of our very first Brits rental, The History Boys, based on the Tony award-winning play. Do you want to say thank-you to Brits?

M: Um... I mean I could. [laughs] I just have to think really hard about things sometimes.

J: Thank you, Brits, for your lovely service and your amazing selection of British films. We look forward to your recommendations.

M: I sound like your mentally deranged friend. For half of this I just eat rice krispy treats. And then the second half I can't think of anything, I can't thank people... this is the worst possible introduction for Brits.

J: Not true! You made some excellent points about being timely video renters.

M: I'm just going to tell people I was severely dehydrated [takes a drink of my beer] I just drank your beer! I'm just... it's very good, though...

J: It's not bad, right? I've had better, but...

M: ...but not much. Sorry Brits, we love you. The next one will be better. We promise.

J: We make a lot of promises around here...


Sad David Tennant is sad. (Evil Gromit is evil.)
Their selection is impressive! Not at all bewildering.
I can't believe you didn't know that that was Stephen Fry. I'm so ashamed. (Meredith says, in her defense, that the picture was very small.) I'll allow it.
Clearly marked.
Miming turning in a video at Brits' handy-dandy outdoor video return slot. Note: No videos were actually returned in the making of this photo.

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