Friday, March 21, 2014

The Angels' Brogue

J: I'm just really tired of wine.

M: You should put that as the first line.

J: Already done, my friend. How's that pizza?

M: [thumbs up] Thumbs up!

J: So ages and ages ago, we watched this great movie called The Angels' Share. I keep wanting to type The Angles' Share, but that would be incorrect.

M: Like Hot Fuzz, where they call him Sargent Angle. I've only seen that movie a couple times. [sarcasm] Anyways!

J: The movie is definitely worth seeing and definitely not our usual fare. It started as a...

M: Insert lame synopsis here.

You're in trouble now, laddie.
J: BUT REALLY, it started as a heart-felt drama about a young guy from Scotland trying to turn his life around after he finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant. After nearly going back to jail, he ends up befriending his community service cohorts. At this point, the movie turns into...

M: A heist film?

J: Precisely. I couldn't believe the comedic turn of events, but...

M: But there we were, watching another heist film!

J: It didn't lose me. It was still really entertaining and still chock-full of seriously tough brogue.

We are friends!
M: We scoffed when we noticed the subtitles at the beginning, but shortly thereafter, it was extremely evident that they were absolutely necessary.

J: I was so ashamed.

[brief interlude in which we discuss the price of plane tickets to Chicago]

M: Anyways! Basically, this is a really excellent, very entertaining film with above-average brogue. I highly recommend it. Watch it with your mum. [shrugs]

J: Seriously, this is not for the faint of heart if you disdain subtitles.

M: Or Scottish people.

J: [dies] Seriously though, this is a fascinating... no, I don't want to say fascinating... dramatic... no, not dramatic... not educational...

M: You're reaching. C-cautionary? Maybe?

J: It's a look at Scotland.

M: Improbable? With kilts? Words, I'm just saying words now.

J: They do wear kilts!

M: They do indeed.

J: What I was trying to say is that it's one of the more thoroughly Scottish movies that we've watched.

M: [chokes on pizza] Coherent! I thought you were going to say it was one of the more coherent movies we've watched.

J: It held together pretty well, albeit in two very distinct pieces. But as you say, excellent movie, worth watching, and you get to learn a bit about whiskey too.

M: I thought it was scotch.

J: The end.

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