Thursday, January 24, 2013


J: So what was this movie called again?

M: [laughs] Fakers! I only remember because it was a terrible title. And I only figured out why it was the title hours after I watched it.

J: I just remember the awkward British pound sign in the text of the title. Didn't make much sense.

M: Mmhmm. That happened.

J: So long story short, we watched this delightful movie...

M: Because it had a Welsh person in it. And we were strapped for time. And we didn't do any research. We're so sorry Wales. [laughs] Our apologies!

J: I'm afraid it's true. This all occurred nearly a month ago, and I don't even want to tell you how long I left the movie sitting on my DVD player (Liberty Hall, you can have my firstborn). Do you remember, simply speaking, what it's about?

M: [sitting on the floor] Unfortunately, yes! I recall with quite, quite clarity? That's not what I want to say. [coughs] 'Scuse me. I recall, quite clearly, that it was about an unfortunate dude in a bad way who needed cash fast.

J: [sings] If you need cash now! Also, this guy was Welsh!

M: He sure was!

J: But not in the movie.

The whole group, hanging out. Cheers! 
M: No, not really. I mean, maybe he sounded a little different than your average Brit. In any case, they try to forge some Italian sketchings from an odd Rob Pattinson look-alike.

J: Who's they, Meredith?

M: [laughs] [buries face in couch] The Welsh guy! And his not-girlfriend! They and not-Rob-Pattinson try to pass off these "sketchings" and you can guess how well that goes. Did I leave anything out?

J: Actually, it goes pretty well right at the start, but as with most heist movies, things start to sour before too long. It's odd but fun little flick...

M: I thought you were going to say "romp". It's what they always say on the covers.

J: Romp it is!
Not-girlfriend and Welsh guy.

M: Or a caper or something...

J: It's a romping caper through downtown London...

M: Was it London? It was I think.... I think I remember some London things in the background... [laughs hysterically] I'm way too sober to be doing this.

J: That's what you think. London or not, the characters were mildly amusing...

M: I was gonna say abysmal, but that's not fair... I just like that word [laughs throughout] I really did like the Welsh guy!

J: We only even knew he was Welsh because you watch Parenthood.

Not-Rob-Pattinson, Welsh guy, and big jerk.
M: No! He's not in Parenthood! He's in Brothers and Sisters, which I do not watch. You watched that, right? We only knew he was Welsh because of my iPhone. That sounds kind of posh. In a bad way.

J: Yeah, but 5 points for saying posh.

M: I've been watching a lot of British television lately...

J: Sounds like something we should blog about!

M: It is indeed! Hilarious.

J: In any case, we've done Wales a disservice.

M: Can we post some more about Joe Allen? Just slip some more in about the Welshness?

J: We haven't posted anything about Joe Allen! That's something you need to do!

M: We have, we linked his name!

J: Meredith, I charge you with creating a fun and interesting, picture-filled post about Welsh Little Joe Allen.

M: Mmm, pictures. Deal!

J: And on that note, we've got to get to the Taproom.

M: For George.

J: Damn skippy.

M: I like dags.

J: What she said. Fin.

M: Perfect. Fin.

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