Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Lion, the Witch and the Broguedrobe

M: Hello and welcome back to BWAB! Today we'll be talking to Jenna about the first film from The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

J:  Don't blame me, blame Christmas.

M: So, Jenna, what's the most important thing you think our readers should know about the newest film adaptations of The Chronicles of Narnia?

J: The fact that we only watched the first one, because it's the only one with James McAvoy in it.

M: And how did you feel about his role in particular?

J: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways... First, I'm not in to bestiality, but if I were, Mr. Tumnus and I would lead a very happy life together.

M:  (Pauses for more wine)

Lucky Lucy and Mr. Tumnus
J:  Second, I have to confess that he was not actually my favorite character. I thought the professor was the most congenial personality despite the fact that he bashes Susan's logic skills.

M: Was this your first time seeing the chronicles of Narnia?

J: Actually, no. And having seen it before, I really expected to like it this time around. Boy, was I wrong! I found the religious and anti-science undertones far too distracting to enjoy the fantastical nature of the story. Plus Edmund's a nit-wit.

M: Poor Edmund. Turkish Delight: the downfall of many a good boy. So you weren't taken in by Mr. Liam Neeson's messianic purring?

J: I'm trying to imagine Jesus purring right now...It's not working. But no, I wasn't. He sounded condescending and a little bit smug.

The Pevensies and Liam Neeson (in lion suit)
M: Speaking of, how did you find the brogue? Or brogues?

J:  Honestly, I stopped noticing it after awhile. I mean, everybody had one. It's not like it was special. I liked it, of course, especially James's. (We're on a first name basis.)

M:  Anything else you'd like to add regarding TLWW?

J:  Hmm, I like the BBC version better. The super, straight-laced version. Not that Lucy isn't 'straight-lace,' but you know what I mean.

M: Wonderful. Well, until next time folks...

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